Special Event: Joe Lansdale Documentary Premiere at Alamo Drafthouse

We'd love to premiere our Joe Lansdale Documentary All Hail The Popcorn King  in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse with Joe's friends & family in attendance.

Help bring the premiere of the Joe R Lansdale Documentary to one of the East Texas Alamo Drafthouse Theaters.The documentary features a who’s who of genre luminaries including interviews with Bruce Campbell, F Paul Wilson, Mick Garris, David J Schow, Chet Williamson, Keith, Kasey & Karen Lansdale, Brian Keene, Judy Pancoast, Jeani Rector, Austin Holt, Del Howison, Yuri Lowenthal, Andy Rausch, Chuck Wiser, Matt Venne, Seba Pezzani, Nick Damici with more to be announced. Made in cooperation with Joe Lansdale and featuring video and interviews from his collection.

You can help us to book the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin for this once in a lifetime event. 

All funders will have access to tickets before the general public and it will sell out FAST! And if you can't attend, we have some cool merch coming your way.

Event TBA in May based on Joe's availability.

See you at the Astro... umm..I mean the Alamo.

Hansi Oppenheimer
Executive Producer
Squee Projects LLC

Hansi Oppenheimer