The Squee Project explores Pop Culture and the Fangrrl Gaze.

Wait! We do so much more!

The Squee Project is a collective of fangrrl creators. We attempt to cover the full fandom experience including cosplay, conventions, comic books, movies, podcasts, fanfic, episodics, and creating spaces for women, girls, femmes and female identifying fangrrls to collaborate and network in geek-nerd culture. We create film festivals, event spaces and opportunities for underrepresented creators. We started out just documenting women in fandom but now we actually create a con space that they can own. 

Hansi Oppenheimer (Creator/Producer/Director):  I’m a New York City based independent filmmaker and creator of The Squee! Project, as well as the Squee! Pop Culture & The Fangrrl Gaze Youtube channel. Our very first SqueeCon was held in New Haven, Connecticut on December 1st, 2018. The one-day event celebrated representation, diversity, and female identifying creators with performances by musician and cosplayer Cat Smith and fangrrl theater troupe Tea Time For Mad Girls, local vendors, and an after party featuring nerd karaoke.

I’m planning a new SqueeCon for later this year so stay tuned for details! I’m very interested in partnering with local groups to bring SqueeCon to other cities to support and promote neighborhood creators and uniting our communities all across the country.

I frequently present panels and screenings at cons, libraries, and classrooms about fandom.

Currently I am scheduled to do a screening and talk at the Framingham Library in Massachusetts on February 9th and a panel with one of my creative partners, Dr. Lynn Zubernis, at the Popular Culture Association Conference in Washington D.C. on April 19th. Please see the NEW EVENTS page for details.

I would love to bring our program to community centers, senior centers, classrooms and you name it! It's never too early or too late to be a Fangrrl and share the joy of community & creativity.

My creative partners are:

Chinisha Scott (Co-Writer & Co-Producr): Chinisha is a filmmaker, educator, event manager and Squee! co-creator. 

Dr. Lynn Zubernis (Co-Writer & Co-Producer): Lynn is well known in the Supernatural fan community for her excellent books on fandom and her coverage of conventions. Squee! was created during long fandom conversations with Lynn. It's no exaggeration to say we would not exist without her input.